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The 5 Best Kratom Shops in Southaven, Mississippi

Are you wondering where to buy kratom in Southaven, Mississippi? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the options and provide you with important information to make an informed decision. In Southaven, there are several shops and online vendors that offer a selection of kratom products.

When buying kratom, it is crucial to ensure you are purchasing from a reputable vendor. Look for stores that conduct lab testing and have third-party verification of the product’s quality. Additionally, consider customer reviews and their experiences with the vendor. By doing so, you can make informed decisions and find kratom products in Southaven, Mississippi. 

image of is kratom legal in mississipi

Is Kratom Legal In Mississipi?

Kratom is still legal in some areas in Mississippi, like Southaven, allowing its use while many other communities in Mississippi have already imposed bans. This fragmented landscape is further complicated by ongoing local efforts to campaign against kratom, which suggests that more communities, and perhaps even the entire state, might consider bans in the near future.

State Representative Donnie Scoggin is actively involved in the process of passing House Bill 364, which seeks to classify kratom as a Schedule I substance, effectively making it illegal to sell in Mississippi.

On the other side of the argument, Mac Haddow, who serves as a paid advocate for the American Kratom Association, imposed the safe usage of kratom during a public hearing at the state capital. He emphasized that kratom can save lives due to its unique properties. Haddow also discussed promising studies that support his claims about kratom’s beneficial effects. This debate showcases the contrasting perspectives surrounding kratom’s legality and its potential benefits in Mississippi.

Top 5 Kratom Shops in Southaven MS

image of southhaven smoke

1. Southaven Smoke

Southaven Smoke is a locally-owned shop offering premium kratom products to the Southaven, Mississippi area. They offer and provide a wide selection of kratom powders, capsules, extracts, and more.

Their kratom powder selection includes popular veins like Red Bali, White Maeng Da, Green Malay, and Yellow Vietnam, sourced directly from reputable growers in Southeast Asia. Southaven Smoke tests all kratom batches for quality and purity. In addition to kratom powder sold by ounce or kilogram, Southaven Smoke also offers kratom capsules in various vein strains for convenience. Their White Sumatra and Red Borneo capsules are best-sellers.

Southaven Smoke’s friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer questions, make recommendations, and ensure customers find the best kratom product for their needs. The shop also provides free samples of new kratom arrivals for existing customers.

Address:020 Highway 51 N, Southaven, MS 38671
Phone:(662) 393-4987

2. Super C Tobacco

Super C Tobacco is a tobacco and smoke shop located in Southaven, Mississippi, that has recently begun offering kratom products as well. Super C Tobacco has been a longtime fixture in the community, providing cigarettes, vapes, glass pipes, and more.

Within the last year, Super C Tobacco has expanded its inventory to include a variety of kratom powders, capsules, and extracts. Their kratom selection includes popular strains like Maeng Da, Bali, Borneo, and Horned Leaf, sourced from suppliers in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Super C Tobacco provides affordable kratom options for Southaven residents who use the herbal supplement for its reported energizing, relaxing, or pain-relieving properties. Their knowledgeable staff stays up-to-date on the latest kratom research and can make recommendations for first-time buyers.  Customers can shop for kratom and CBD in-store or place orders online for pick-up or delivery within Southaven city limits.

Address:372 Goodman Rd E, Southaven, MS 38671
Phone:(662) 253-8333

image of tobacco world smoke and vape shop

3. Tobacco World Smoke & Vape Shop

Tobacco World Smoke & Vape Shop is a newer store in Southaven that offers a wide selection of tobacco products, vapes, and kratom. Tobacco World quickly established itself as a go-to shop for kratom consumers in the Southaven area.

The store carries over a dozen different kratom powder strains as well as capsules, extracts, and edibles. Popular kratom products at Tobacco World include Red Maeng Da, White Borneo, Green Malay, and different Bali strains sourced from reputable growers in Southeast Asia. Tobacco World also sells branded kratom shots and drinks for customers looking for convenient and potent kratom experiences. Their staff is knowledgeable about the different kratom products and can guide new buyers.

Tobacco World aims to provide affordable and high-quality kratom options to the local Southaven community. Customers appreciate their rewards program and monthly promotions on selected kratom strains.

Address:574 Goodman Rd E, Southaven, MS 38671
Phone:(662) 536-6347

4. Vape 51

Vape 51 opened in Southaven in 2017 as a retail store offering high-quality vaping supplies, e-liquids, and accessories. As vaping became more popular in the area, Vape 51 expanded its inventory to include other in-demand products like kratom.

Today, Vape 51 carries a diverse selection of kratom options, including powders, capsules, extracts, and pre-made kratom shots. Their most popular kratom strains are Green Maeng Da, White Borneo, Red Bali, and Gold Bali, sourced from reputable suppliers in Indonesia. Vape 51 offers weekly deals on select kratom products, making it an affordable source for Southaven kratom enthusiasts. Customers appreciate their rewards program and the shop’s casual, welcoming environment.

Address:579 Goodman Rd E Suite 2, Southaven, MS 38671
Phone:(662) 470-4635

image of tobacco pub smoke shop

5. Tobacco Pub Smoke Shop

Tobacco Pub Smoke Shop is a local smoke shop that has recently started carrying kratom products due to high customer demand. Tobacco Pub has added a variety of kratom powders and capsules to its inventory of over 300 tobacco and smoking items. Their kratom selection includes popular veins like Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, White Sumatra, and Yellow Vietnam, sourced from suppliers in Southeast Asia.

Tobacco Pub offers kratom at competitive prices, making it an affordable kratom shopping option for Southaven residents. Their staff is familiar with the different kratom strains and can make recommendations for customers new to using kratom.

In addition to the retail shop, Tobacco Pub also has an online store that offers shipping and local Southaven delivery. Customers appreciate the convenience of ordering kratom and tobacco products online from Tobacco Pub.

Address:9046 Millbranch Rd, Southaven, MS 38671
Phone:(662) 510-8342

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